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Mastering makeup: Moisturizing for winter

It seems this winter is going to be nothing but harsh to all types of skin. With the wind and dust alone, you are likely to get cracked hands and heels if you don't start moisturizing. Although ideally moisturizers should be a part of your year-round daily routine, getting through the winter without too much skin damage makes their application a must. Follow these five rules of thumb to keep your skin happy!

1. For the body, choose one of Vaseline’s wide range of creams; apply a generous extra layer on your hands, elbows and knees, as these areas are the most likely to dry out during winter.

2. If your skin is the dry type, switch from cream to serum: Serums are more concentrated and last longer on the skin due to their oily texture. I highly recommend HydraQuench Intensive Serum by Clarins.

3. For combination and oily skin types, use a toner before applying a generous layer of your daily moisturizer.

4. Put a travel container of hand cream in your bag, so that outside the house you can fight any unexpected skin dryness.

5. Apply moisturizer whenever you feel your skin needs it.

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