Mekky warns next president of involving military in politics

Morsy-era Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky warned the next president of Egypt of allowing army to "engage in political activities, so as not to lead to his [the president's] fall and the collapse of the state itself."
According to Mekky, military rule does not only mean that the president comes from a military background, but it also includes giving the military access to control the governing of the state.
"Most of the countries in which the army intervened to work in politics collapsed and their armies collapsed with it, as happened in Greece, Argentina and Burma," Mekky explained.
The former Justice Minister demanded the next president to immediately begin "a genuine and strong national reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood through open paths to peacefully express opinion and allow them to talk in the media."
"If the Muslim Brotherhood turned into a terrorist organization, it means the government has failed in dealing with them," he added.
"If Major General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi , the defense minister, runs for the presidency, he has to keep the army away, as well as the judiciary, because it gets corrupted when involving into politics," he also said. 
Mekky added that the "Brotherhood were subjected, during the rule of President Mohamed Morsy, to war with the deep state, represented in the police, army and deep state officials associated with the judiciary and the media who intended them [MB] to fail."
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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