Egypt Independent

Minister: Nile clear of industrial pollution by end of October

Environment Minister Khaled Fahmy has said that several steps have been taken to stop industrial sewage from going into the Nile.
“We have only nine out of 102 establishments remaining, whose condition will be settled by the end of October, in order for us to declare that the Nile river is free of industrial pollution,” the minister added.
In remarks, Fahmy said that every environmental issue has several stages and that they start with the most dangerous issues and then depend on technology to achieve quick results. He added that stopping industrial pollution in the Nile was a priority, before tackling canals and drainage issues.
Reaching the target for the Nile river needs time, he said. Many rivers in the world have been polluted, but the issue was controlled by the governments over a period of time.  
Edited translation from MENA