Minister: ‘Old forces’ not to be part of next parliament

The Minister of Transitional Justice Ibrahim al-Heneidy said the political forces which he described as the "old forces" would not be part of the upcoming parliament.
The revolutionary forces will occupy the majority of seats, said Heneidy in an interview with the Egyptian state TV's First Channel on Tuesday evening.
The Egyptian people who made two revolutions are able to choose the best to represent them in the next parliament, Heneidy added, stressing that the people have now discovered the reality of the "old forces."
The law demarcating constituencies is simple and void of any complexities, said Heneidy.
The State Council put forward a number of amendments that were approved. The number of constituencies became 237 in accordance with the State Council's recommendations.
A law on terrorist entities is currently being prepared. The law would not allow members of terrorist organizations to run the parliamentary elections, according to Heneidy. He pointed out that the Egyptian people, after two revolutions, would not allow members of terrorist organizations to represent them in the parliament.
The law will ban members of terrorist organizations from appearing in media, or running elections, Heneidy mentioned.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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