Moussa is a dictator: 50-Committee reserve members

A number of reserve members of the Committee of 50 have threatened to sue chairman Amr Moussa if he prevents them from attending the final voting session. They also threatened to resign from the committee.
Mohamed Sobhy al-Dabsh, a reserve member, called Moussa a dictator. “Reserve members are as important as key members,” he said. “Secret voting raises suspicions of a constitution ready in the drawers.”
“Reserve members have proved to be more effective than key members,” he added.
Salah  Abdel Maboud, a reserve member for the Nour Party, said reserve members are meeting in a few hours to decide how to escalate their position, whether by filing a lawsuit before the Administrative Court or by holding vigils.
Sources within the committee said reserve members might be involved in more sessions in order to prevent escalation.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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