Mubarak to be discharged end of week

Berlin–President Hosni Mubarak’s health is improving and he is starting to eat solid food, said the German medical team treating the president.

At a press conference yesterday, the medical team said the president is now moving, but didn’t specify when he will be released.

Mubarak will likely return to spend his convalescence period in Cairo, according to informed sources.

The sources also said President Mubarak will likely spend a maximum of seven to 12 days in hospital, so he may be able to leave hospital by the end of the week. This means that the president may not be able to attend the Arab summit in Libya on 27 and 28 March, according to the sources.

Egypt’s three main churches–the Orthodox, Evangelical, and Catholic churches–officially wished Mubarak well in his surgery.

Hussein Megawer, president of the general federation of labor unions, also wished Mubarak well on behalf of 25 million workers.

Meanwhile, Foreign Policy magazine wrote that Egyptian presidents tend to stay in power until they die or are overthrown, and that Mubarak hasn’t appointed a vice president as he fears this could block him, or his son after him, from power.

In its report published on Friday, the magazine wrote that the upcoming legislative and presidential elections have stirred the concerns of those advocating for democracy in Egypt, saying that those looking for democracy wish the US to pressure the Egyptian government to create a more open political climate, especially if President Mubarak is not going to run for a sixth presidential term.

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