Mubarak transfer to military hospital difficult, prosecution says

Egypt's public prosecution said on Tuesday that it had received a letter from the Interior Ministry stating that the unstable health of former President Hosni Mubarak will make it difficult to transfer him to a military hopsital.

The prosecution's Facebook page said the letter reported that Mubarak's health needs continuous observation at a well-equipped hospital.

Mubarak is now under arrest at a hospital in Sharm al-Sheikh, which he entered after suffering a heart attack during the first round of questions over corruption and murder .

"It would be difficult on both medical and security levels to make the transfer," the Interior Ministry letter said, citing possbile dangers to Mubarak's life.

It also cited a report by the country's chief medical examiner saying that Mubarak suffers from an atrial fibrillation that could cause his heart to stop suddenly, requiring him to stay under intensive care.

But the interior minister stressed that procedures are underway to execute an earlier decision made by Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, who ordered that Mubarak be transferred to a military hospital equipped to meet his medical requirements.

The announcement added that Mahmoud answered with another letter, requesting that reports from Mubarak’s medical team be submitted to the chief medical examiner to decide on them.

On Sunday, Mahmoud ordered that a hospital in Tora prison be examined for its suitability for Mubarak.

The prison hosts several ex-Mubarak officials, including former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, as well as Mubarak's two sons, all of whome face questions over financial corruption and abuse of power.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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