Muslim Brotherhood to make movie on revolution

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced plans to produce a movie on the 25 January uprising. The group said the film will be the first in a series of art productions that conform to Islamic teachings.

The revolution has raised the group's hope for the return of sophisticated, constructive art, according to Mohsen Rady, a former Brotherhood MP and the director of an art production company.

Rady revealed that the planned production will have a purely social theme, rather than a religious one, and will depict Egypt's political mobility from 2004 until the outbreak of the January revolution.

Rady denied producing the movie was an attempt to polish the group's image or refute allegations about its role during the revolution and subsequent mass protests. "Everbody is aware of the Brotherhood's role during the revolution, but those who try to fake the truth are not even worthy of arguing," he said.

Rady unveiled that younger group members will act in the film in addition to well-known stars. He said, however, that they have not settled on names of actors or the screenwriter.

Highlighting the group's artistic contributions since its establishment, Rady said he hopes artists will not start debating Islamists' entry to the field. He called for utilizing the freedoms unleashed by the revolution for artistic creativity and letting the public make its judgement.

Following the January uprising, Abdel Rahman al-Berr, a Brotherhood member and a professor at Al-Azhar University, said working in the field of art is religiously permissible unless the work involves something against Islam.

Berr called on artists to use religion and history for creating a positive moral influence on viewers.

Earlier in May, in another apparent popular appeal attempt, the Muslim Brotherhood said it was considering forming a football team.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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