NCHR delegation inspects Aqrab prison

A delegation from the National Council for Human Rights, headed by George Ishaq, visited the heavily guarded Aqrab prison on Tuesday to inspect the health and living conditions of prisoners and to ensure the prison is conforming to international standards and domestic laws.
The delegation will meet with prison officials and inspect a number of prison wards to investigate a number of complaints received by the families of prisoners.
The delegation includes activists Kamal Abbas, Salah Salam, Ragia Omran, Shahenda Meqled and Mohamed Abdel Aziz.
According to Nadeem Center for Management and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, new violations have appeared in prisons recently, including mass torture, forced disappearances and deaths behind bars due to poor health conditions or undisclosed reasons.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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