Egypt Independent

No E.Coli cases in Egypt as Germany detects 1st human transmission case

No E.Coli infections have been reported in Egypt, said Nasr al-Sayyed, assistant minister of health, on Sunday.

In a press statement, Nasr said the ministry is currently monitoring all infections with diarrhoea and intestinal problems across Egypt.

The only suspected case was a German tourist, who then tested negative for the infection.

The ministry has tightened precautionary measures at all airports, ports and health quarantines. Incoming visitors from countries where cases of E.Coli infecion have appeared are being monitored, he said.

Health officials in Germany have detected the first case of human-to-human spread of the deadly strain of the E. coli bacterium, which has claimed the lives of almost 40 people.

Authorities say a woman working in a catering company kitchen near Frankfurt became infected with the bacterium after eating sprouts and passed it on to 20 people she catered for.

"Now we have proof that in this case a human passed on the germ to the vegetables and then it was passed to other humans," Daniel Bahr, Germany's health minister, said during a visit to the Institute of Hygiene of the University Hospital in Muenster on Saturday.

Research is ongoing in Europe to determine the origin of the infection, which causes severe cramps and bloody diarrhea and may lead to death.