Nour Party accuses media of distorting its image

The legal committee of the Salafi Nour Party has submitted several complaints with the prosecutor general, accusing certain talk show programs, such as those of Ibrahim Eissa, Islam al-Beheiry, Mohamed al-Gheity and Hala Sarhan, of attempting to tarnish the party’s image before the next parliamentary elections.

The party said in a statement on Tuesday that it tolerates criticism but not excesses that are punishable by law.
The statement also said that the Al-Nour and the Freedom and Justice parties that were disbanded were civilian parties and not religious, explaining that preachers of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau interfered in the decision-making process of the party, which is why it was disbanded.
The statement added that there is a difference between a religious reference and a religious basis, stressing that the Nour Party’s position is 100 percent constitutional and and no court will rule to dissolve it.
“Parties that resort to courts to dissolve them fear competition in the parliamentary elections,” the statement claimed. “Calling Al-Nour a religious party is ignorance.”
The statement concluded by saying that all political forces should unite because Egypt too great to be ruled by one faction, be it Islamist, liberal or leftist. 
The Nour Party is the only party with a religious reference to support the overthrow of Mohamed Morsy, the former president and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood group.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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