Parliamentary candidate sues to block nomination of former minister

A parliamentary candidate in Sharqiya Governorate on Saturday filed a lawsuit to exclude a competing candidate, former Minister of Social Solidarity Ali al-Moselhi, from the electoral race.

Saad al-Agouz filed the lawsuit before the Administrative Court, accusing the former minister and MP of corrupting political life.

The lawsuit, which will be reviewed on Monday, draws on a ruling issued by a Mansoura court obliged the High Elections Commission to reject applications to nominate former National Democratic Party (NDP) members.

The Mansoura court ruling, passed on Friday, held that former members of the dissolved NDP should be excluded from elections for “corrupting political, economic and social life.”

Agouz added that “Moselhi is one of the icons of the former regime, for he was a Minister of Social Solidarity, member of the disbanded NDP’s policies secretariat, and member of parliament, the elections for which were rigged, and therefore is subject to the Mansoura court ruling.”

Meanwhile, Moselhi dispatched cars with loudspeakers to affirm that he is running in the upcoming election.

Translated from Arabic Edition

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