PM witnesses start of Green River construction

Prime Minister and Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Mostafa Madbouli witnessed the start of the construction of the Green River in the New Administrative Capital, where seven construction companies work with a total of 500 equipment, besides hundreds of workers.

Green River will be the link between a series of smart urban neighborhoods, which are characterized by abundant capabilities, flexibility and modernity, and will be one of the distinctive gardens in the Middle East and the world, according to Madbouli.

Madbouli stressed that the Egyptian government is committed to this project, aims to implement it in 18 months, and will cooperate with the private sector in all the stages of its implementation, which will provide many opportunities for domestic and foreign investment.

The park is more than 10 kilometers long and has an area of ​​more than 1,000 acres, making it one of the largest parks around the world, said Madbouli, adding that the park respects the topographical nature of the place and is in harmony with the public ecosystem. 

It will provide entertainment areas with international standards easily accessible through an integrated network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, he added.

Green River also includes a range of projects of a distinctive nature, which will raise the level of the garden to international standards, such as clubs and gardens, affordable to all segments of the Egyptian society, he said.

Director of Dar al-Handasa Consulting Office Yehia Zakaria said that the park is characterized by a wide variety of vegetation cover, which reflects the richness of the natural Egyptian plant environment.

Dar al-Handasa is supervising the Garden River project.

Zakaria explained that the central park of the New Administrative Capital will provide greater opportunity for community interaction between the capital’s residents and other residents in its wider scope.

The park is expected to host more than 2 million visitors annually. The park will include the latest smart communication and mobility methods in the Middle East, he added.

The park will also serve as a catalyst for the healthy life of the population, in accordance with global rates, including environmental value, green spaces, and areas for physical activities and recreation, Zakaria said.

The park is divided from east to west into three homogeneous planning sectors linked to the immediate surroundings, each reflecting a personality and a distinctive visual and urban characteristic.

The first sector (CP 01) is about 4 km long and is on an area of ​​375 acres. This sector imitates the environment and harmonizes with natural factors. This part of the garden includes more than 250 acres of open areas for hiking and a range of outstanding projects that reflect the nature of this part of the park, namely the Islamic Garden, the Covered Park, the Social Club, the Integrated Health Resort, lakes and a restaurant on a total area of ​​more than 125 acres.

The second sector (CP 02) is about 3 km long and is on an area of ​​306 acres. This sector is a major center for cultural and recreational activities. This part of the park includes more than 240 acres of open areas for hiking and a number of outstanding projects reflecting the nature of this part of the park, namely the Art Garden, Heritage Park, Recreation Area, theme parks and the Open Theater.

The third sector (CP 03) is of about 4 km long and is on an area of ​​309 acres.

It reflects the privacy of public parks and their close association with the immediate surroundings, including the central business district (CBD). This part of the park includes about 250 acres of open areas for hiking and a series of outstanding projects that reflect the characteristic of this part of the park, including a children’s educational park, an open library, gardens for reading, a sports club,  and a dining area on a total of more than 50 acres.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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