Police officer detained for 15 days on accusations of causing man’s fall

The Tanta Prosecution in the Nile Delta governorate of Gharbiya detained a police lieutenant for 15 days Tuesday pending investigation on charges that he detained a man in his apartment, leading to his fall from the fifth floor.

The prosecutor also ordered the imprisonment of the lieutenant’s brother and a third suspect in the incident.

The Gharbiya Security Directorate received notification from the Tanta University Hospital that a 24-year-old man arrived at the hospital suffering from fractures, bruises and abrasions as a result of falling from a high place.

The initial investigation indicated that the lieutenant, his brother and a third person held the victim in an apartment before he fell from the fifth floor when he tried to escape. The victim allegedly had a romantic relationship with the sister of the lieutenant’s wife.

Activists say police abuse continues unabated, even after the revolution. The Justice Ministry said Monday that it has tasked three judges with investigating four instances of human rights abuses allegedly committed by police officers, as per a request made by the National Council on Human Rights.

Police brutality, corruption and torture were some of the major issues that fueled the 25 January revolution. Mubarak’s police force was notorious for torturing suspects, often to death, and committing human rights violations.

Edited translation from MENA

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