Popular Current marches to High Court over activist’s death

Hundreds of Popular Current members organized a march Sunday evening from Qasr al-Nil Bridge to the High Court, through Abdel Moneim Riad Square to demand retribution for the killing of Mohamed al-Gendy.

The demonstrators formed a human chain, holding photographs of Gendy and banners that read, “Why was Gendy killed?” and “When they say Gendy died, tell them he is alive.” Participants wore black shirts or shirts with Gendy’s picture on them.

Hussein Qersh, member of the Popular Current’s executive bureau, said the main objective of the demonstration is to demand punishment for those who killed Gendy, saying he died because of torture by the Interior Ministry, as well as to demand urgent retribution for all of the revolution’s martyrs.

Members of the leftist movement’s board of trustees are also took part in the demonstration, while members in other governorates plan to organize similar demonstrations in public squares.

Gendy, a member of the Popular Current, died in a hospital last week after disappearing from Tahrir Square on 28 January. Hospital officials said he had been in a car crash, but a human rights lawyer said he had clear marks of torture on his body, and accused the hospital of changing Gendy’s arrival date to cover up his kidnapping.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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