Presidential delegation visits Qatar to discuss fuel supply

Assistant President for Foreign Affairs Essam al-Haddad and Petroleum Minister Sherif Haddara headed to Doha on Sunday for talks with Qatari officials concerning supplying fuel to Egypt.

The presidential delegation is seeking to secure enough natural gas and petroleum to meet Egypt’s needs.

Egyptian news reports said Tareq al-Baraqtawi, head of the Egyptian General Petroleum Company, joined the Egyptian delegation for the duration of their four-day visit to Qatar.

Before leaving Cairo, Baraqtawi is quoted by the German News Agency (DPA) as saying that the delegation will start a new round of negotiations related to securing for Egypt 18 shipments of gas from now until the end of September. Each shipment would include 70,000 tons of liquefied gas.

He also expected an agreement to be signed in the coming days. “An understanding has been reached concerning the fair price to be paid, a testament to the strength of current Egyptian-Qatari relations. Some matters still need to be resolved, such as how the payment will be made.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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