Prosecution questions former brotherhood supreme guide on charges of killing protesters

The South Cairo Prosecution conducted on Friday an investigation of former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mahdi Akef in Tora Prison on charges of inciting the killing of the protesters who died at the supreme guidance bureau.
Akef faces charges of inciting violence that led to the death of nine protesters opposing deposed President Mohamed Morsy and 45 others being injured during the 30 June protests.
The arrest warrant was issued after a suspect named Mostafa Ahmed, who was arrested inside the guidance bureau in Moqattam while trying to escape after he ran out of ammunition, admitted that the guidance bureau member had ordered him and others to protect the headquarters against any assault, even providing them with weapons.
Security services had earlier arrested Akef and seized four bird shot weapons from his house in New Cairo.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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