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Qandil promises CSF officers right to enforce demonstration law

Prime Minister Hesham Qandil promised Central Security Forces

officers Wednesday that they would be given the right to enforce the demonstration law, which would allow them to disperse riots gradually, using tear gas first and then live bullets, depending on how dangerous the riots are.

Qandil met with the officers in at their camp in Darrasa district to appease their anger for the death of their colleagues while securing the Port Said prison. He also promised to financially compensate the families of police martyrs, as with the martyrs of the revolution.

He said President Mohamed Morsy appreciates what they do to protect citizens from criminals.

The officers requested that Qandil put his promise in writing and announce it in the media.

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim also attended the meeting, which had been postponed three times. It was originally scheduled to take place at 10 am, before being moved to 12 pm and finally 3 pm.

Ibrahim had previously provoked anger among the recruits after deciding to disarm them and allow them to only be armed with tear gas.

Unrest has continued after clashes broke out amid anniversary demonstrations last week, as well as after the verdict in the Port Said football violence case. A court recommended death sentences for 21 defendants in the case. At least 72 football fans died in the violence last year, which broke out at Port Said Stadium when Masry team fans overran the pitch after a match with Cairo-based Ahly team.

At least 53 people have died in the violence nationwide.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm