Residents allegedly beaten by police, forced from homes for demolition without prior notice

Residents of Ezbet abu Qern in Masr al-Qadima district say on Wednesday they were beaten by police and forced from their homes on to make way for demolition crews, without any prior notice.
“Three people arrived two weeks ago offering to take our houses in return for financial compensation,” the residents said, adding that they refused as they could not afford to leave their homes that they had purchased.
Upon refusal, one of the residents claim the men told them, “We know how to get the land for free.”
On Wednesday, the residents said they were surprised to find the police and dredgers tearing down their building without warning or time for them to collect their things. “Police fired shots into the air, intimidating people,” they said accusing police of beating anyone who refused to leave.
Sherif Saber Abdel Hamid, a resident, said, “Police attacked my house. When I refused to leave, they assaulted me using sticks, injuring my head. I filed police and medical reports but they tore it up.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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