Shura Council issues report on cutting costs for state publications

State-owned press institutions should focus on expanding electronic forms of distribution and close publications that are losing money, said the Shura Council in a report issued by its Culture and Information Committee.

Unprofitable publications should go virtual while preserving workers’ rights and saving public money, said to the report, which referenced various economic, social and technical reports conducted by different institutions.

The report also recommended bringing expenses down by reducing printing costs, such as by using a different size and quality of paper.

The Shura Council called on the Al-Ahram publishing house to reconsider publishing its Al-Diwan magazine, whose distribution rates have gone down. The council also called on the Dar al-Helal to turn its Samir, Tom and Jerry and Hawaa magazines into supplements.

Dar al-Tahrir publishing house said it would consider merging the Horreyaty, Shashaty and Al-Rai lel Shaab magazines into one publication headed by one editor in an effort to reduce costs.

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