Shura Council nullification lawsuit adjourned to 3 March

The Supreme Constitutional Court’s board of commissioners decided on Sunday to postpone a lawsuit on the nullification of the Shura Council election law to 3 March.

The court referred the lawsuit to the board in order for it to draft a report on the constitutionality of the law's articles, in light of the approval and adoption of the new Constitution. The report is considered nonbinding for the judges.

Sources are expecting that the board will recommend the lawsuit be rejected in acccordance with Article 230 of the Constitution. The article says that the current Shura Council, which is dominated by Islamists, should take over legislative powers until the House of Representatives is elected.

On 3 March, the court will also review lawsuits demanding nullification of the Islamist-dominated Constituent Assembly which drafted the constitution.

SCC rulings have been pivotal during the transitional period in Egypt. Relations between the court and President Mohamed Morsy's government grew more tense after the court disbanded the Islamist-dominated People’s Assembly last June over the unconstitutionality of its election law.

Islamist supporters of Morsy had besieged the court in early December to pressure the judges, who were scheduled to rule on a case against the Constituent Assembly.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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