Singers abstain from New Year’s concerts over political turmoil

Egypt’s restive political situation has impacted annual New Year’s Eve concerts, normally a bonanza for both singers and sponsors.

The majority of singers have decided to select locations other than Egypt for their parties, such as Dubai, Oman and Beirut, as the decline in Arab tourism to Egypt aroused sponsors’ fears.

A limited number of New Year’s concerts will be organized in Egypt this season, including two events hosting Lebanese singers Wael Gassar and Nicole Saba at a Cairo hotel.

Egyptian singer Amal Maher will also appear at another celebration at a Nile-view hotel in Cairo. “O Egyptians” will be her feature song, with lyrics urging Egyptians to unite.

Egyptian star Tamer Hosni will sing in Jordan’s capital Amman. Sherine Abdel Wahab will join Lebanese Saber al-Rubaie in a concert in a central Beirut hotel.

Egyptian singers Mohamed Hamaki, Mohamed Fouad and Mohamed Adawiya decided not to perform given the heated political situation in the country.

Edited translation from MENA

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