Special forces officer shot dead in Qalyubiya

A special forces officer has been killed during a confrontation in Qalyubiya, according to a senior security source at the Interior Ministry, part of a campaign to apprehend the killers of a police officer assassinated in eastern Cairo on Sunday.

The commando officer – named as Captain Ahmed Samir al-Kabir – took part in a crackdown on outlaws in Qaha City, Qalyubiya, during which he was shot in his chest and later died in hospital, the source added.

"A joint mission by Central Security's special forces and Qalyubiya security department targeted, at dawn, a criminal hotspot where those elements were hiding," the ministry said on its Facebook page.

The statement said forces exchanged fire with the outlaws before Captain Ahmed Samir al-Kabir was shot. Two were arrested in the campaign.

The officer, reportedly killed by outlaws in Qalyubiya, was part of a security campaign tracking "terrorist elements involved in the assassination of Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk from the National Security Authority," the ministry statement revealed.
Sinai-based jihadi group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis claimed responsbility for Mabrouk's killing, after he was shot seven times in the head and chest in Cairo's Nasr City.

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