Tagammu Party calls for prosecution of former Interior Minister

The leftist Tagammu party, the largest opposition party in Egypt's Parliament, called for the prosecution of former Interior Mininster Habib al-Adly for his role in repressing protests against the regime.

Ahmed Soliman, the party's representative in the People's Assembly, Egypt's lower chamber, accused al-Adly of negligence in an urgent statement to the head of Parliament.

Soliman said that al-Adly irresponsibly handled the protests, which aggravated the situation and led to more protests. Al-Adly's behavior also led to the involvement of "infiltrators," who caused a lot of damage to Egypt and Egyptians and vandalized public and private properties, he said.

Al-Adly aggravated the situation and compromised Egypt's safety when he ordered police forces to retreat, which opened the door for disruptive elements to vandalize police stations, free prisoners, and terrorize the public, Soliman explained.

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