Tagammu party leaders withdraw from annual conference

Dozens of leaders of the leftist Tagammu party on Monday withdrew from the party's annual conference, which is set for Wednesday.

Some of the leaders who withdrew have been nominated for the party's chief post.

In a statement on Tuesday, the leaders said they reject the insistence of many members of the party and its general secretariat on holding the seventh annual conference in spite of the recent violence at Maspero.

The statement also accused other party leaders of seizing leadership by falsifying documents to recruit inefficient new members who would serve the leaders' own purposes, rather than the party’s.

The leaders also questioned whether the quota has been met to hold the conference.

They referred to the fact that party committees in individual governorates have not submitted the required amount of members for the conference. They also said the party accepted the membership of some figures from the disbanded National Democratic Party in some governorate committees.

Several party leaders in the governorates of Luxor, Qalyubiya, Suez, Alexandria and Gharbiya announced that they will boycott the conference. Some party youths, who have been protesting for the third day in a row, also announced their boycott and demanded the dismissal of all party leaders.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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