Tamarod objects to two articles in demonstrations law

The Tamarod campaign declared on Monday its rejection of two articles in the law restricting demonstrations, issued by the interim president, Adly Mansour, on Sunday.
The official spokesperson of the movement, Hassan Shahin, said there are two articles that should be amended, relating to the police’s right to attend private meetings, and the right of the Interior Ministry to stop demonstrations before they occur, just because the ministry claims it is not going to be peaceful.
Shaheen stressed that protesting is a right Egyptians have acquired as a result from the 25 January revolution and its extension on 30 June, and called on the government to amend the law.
He stressed that Tamarod is not against the government organizing the right to demonstrate, but demands to preserve the Egyptians’ right of freedom of opinion and expression. In addition, the movement said it would not allow the forces of and terrorism to keep performing acts of violence and sabotage against the Egyptian people and state.
Edited translation from MENA

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