Ten Brothers, 44 others detained over attacks on police stations

Beni Suef prosecutors on Tuesday ordered the detention of 10 Muslim Brotherhood members and 44 other defendants for 15 days pending investigations over charges of buring police stations in Beni Suef and the town of Semesta as well as attempting to storm a police station in Ihnasia, another neaby town.
The 10 Muslim Brotherhood members were also accused of seizing the dead body of a protester and burying him without postmortem or a prior order from prosecution.
Twenty-four suspects were arrested from Semesta including six Brothers and 18 others suspected of disturbing order, all of whom were accused of setting fire to the Semesta police station.
They reportedly possessed weapons and police uniforms that were seized by the security forces during arrest.
Thirteen other defendants were arrested in Beni Suef City and were accused of burning a police station. Weapons, air conditioning and electric applainces stolen from the police station were reportedly in their possession during arrest.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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