“Those who choose war always lose,” Zelensky tells Greek Parliament

Alex Hardie in London

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the Greek Parliament Thursday that “those who blackmail Europe with an economic and energy crisis always lose.”


In a virtual address, Zelensky urged the Greek Parliament to “do more” and use its “opportunities as a member of the European Union to organize the salvation of Mariupol.”

“Those who choose war always lose. Those who try to deprive a country of its independence and its territorial integrity always lose. Those who blackmail Europe with an economic and energy crisis always lose,” he said.

Zelensky said that Russia’s actions were not only directed at Ukraine, but also at Europe.

Russia is trying to ensure that “energy poverty becomes a new reality on this continent,” he said, adding that Russia is “doing all they can to provoke inflation for many people.”

The Ukrainian President also called for the blocking of all Russian banks from the world financial system.

“While the Russian troops block peaceful cities and deport our people, no Russian bank has the right to earn money in the world financial system,” Zelensky said. “They need to be blocked. All of them must be blocked and not only some of them.”

He added that “no Russian ship should have a possibility of entering any part in the democratic world.”

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