Three minors to be released in Ilan Grapel prisoner swap

Three minors are among the Egyptians to be freed from Israeli prisons in a prisoner swap deal involving alleged Israeli spy Ilan Grapel, according to a high-level official source on Wednesday. The source said the deal will take place on Thursday in Taba.

The three minors are Salah Ahmed Angour, born in 1995, Mohamed Salim Angour, born in 1996, and Fayez Abdel Hamid al-Gonaymat, born in 1996, the source said.

The minors were originally acquitted by Ber al-Sab Court in Israel. They had been accused of illegal migration to Israel and selling cigarettes illegally there. After their acquittal, Israeli prosecutors then challenged the court's decision, forcing the minors to await a final court decision.

The deal will also include 22 Bedouins from Sinai: Mehanna Salama Romaylat, Nayef Salem Ouda Tiaha, Ali Hassan Sawarka, Hussein Ali Hassan Sawarka, Hussein Shahat Breikat, Salamn Sheteiwy, Nasser Breikat, Younis Gadallah Debess Tarabin, Eid Salman Eid Owaida, Brak Ali Joheina Sawarka, Saeed Mesleh Tarabin, Abdallah Howeishel Salman Breikat, Abdallah Salman Ali Soweilam Tarabin, Moslem Moussa Moheisan Breikat, Zeyad Tarabin Suleiman, Selim Hussein Hassan, Hassan Suleiman Tiaha, Ismail Suleiman Tiaha, Ismail Salman al-Atrash, Ashraf Abdallah Soweilam, Hassan Freiz Freizloh, Mohamed Salah Benyat and Rabee Suleiman Tiaha.

The source said the deal's completion is the culmination of long and intensive efforts made by the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate, and follows the successful completion of a deal in which 1027 Palestinian prisoners were exchanged for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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