Ultras Ahlawy burn police car at Giza Security Directorate

Ultras Ahlawy members set a police car parked at the Giza Security Directorate on fire after deflating its tires Wednesday, while also hurling flares into the Giza Governorate headquarters and closing off surrounding streets to traffic.

Hundreds of members of Ultras Ahlway had earlier marched from Cairo University to the Giza Security Directorate, chanting "the case is not over" and carrying banners reading "the Interior Ministry's turn is coming."

In February 2012, 74 Ahly fans were killed after a match against Al-Masry Club in Port Said, when the latter's supporters stormed the bleachers where Ahly fans were sitting. A court sentenced 21 defendants in the case to death on 26 January, and the fates of the remaining suspects will be decided Saturday, 9 March.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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