Union: Monufiya labor woes on verge of resolution

"The problems faced by employees at the Misr Monufiya Spinning and Weaving Company are about to be resolved," said Said el-Gohari, president of the government-run General Union for Spinning, Weaving and Ginning.
According to el-Gohari, worker representatives had promised during negotiations to look into the possibility of estimating insurance payments based on gross salaries including annual raises. El-Gohari said premiums were being regularly deducted directly from workers’ salaries as part of an insurance plan.

A government official has received workers’ insurance forms which will be passed on to the Social Security Department, which will distribute workers’ raises, pointed out el-Gohari. The same official also promised to soon address the concerns of four workers eligible for physical injury insurance payments, el-Gohari added.

Employees of the spinning company had earlier demanded negotiations with local authorities, but their demands were ignored for two weeks. Textile workers had protested to demand that annual raises and bonuses be added to their salaries, from which insurance premiums are deducted.

El-Gohari said workers had since returned to work and that their protest had ended.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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