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Wafd spokesperson: ElBaradei may leave Dostour Party

A Wafd Party spokesman claims that Dostour Party head and National Salvation Front leader Mohamed ElBaradei may join the Wafd Party or the Free Egyptians Party.

Wafd Party spokesperson Abdallah al-Moghazy claimed in a telephone interview with the Nour al-Hekma satellite channel Friday that ElBaradei may leave the Dostour Party due to the recent internal protests, adding that the Wafd Party would welcome any national figure who has not been involved with killing Egyptians.

“ElBaradei’s father belonged to Wafd, and talk has it that ElBaradei is [deciding] between the Wafd Party and the Free Egyptians Party, after he leaves the Dostour, on the backdrop of the recent protests,” he said.

Several young members of the Dostour Party are staging a sit-in at the party’s headquarters against current party leaders, demanding a roadmap for new management with its leadership.

ElBaradei has called on National Salvation Front leader Abdel Gelil Mostafa to help calm the protesters.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm