Wasat, Nour representatives walk off talk show due to Suleiman campaigners’ presence

Wasat Party MP Essam Sultan and Nour Party spokesperson Nader Bakkar walked off the set of a talk show on Thursday evening to protest the presence of representatives from former Vice President Omar Suleiman’s presidential campaign.

State-run Al-Ahram newspaper’s website reported that Sultan and Bakkar left the studio of "Cairo Time," hosted by Hafez al-Merazy on the Dream Channel, following an altercation with Merazy.

"I never imagined that I would have a dialogue with murderers. Since the events of the 25 January revolution and what happened during the Battle of the Camel, I refuse to sit with anyone implicated in the killings," Sultan said.  

"The attempts of those responsible for the program to force me [into discussion with Suleiman’s representatives] in this disgraceful manner are unacceptable … As I have already made clear, I refuse Omar Suleiman's nomination [for president], because it means that the revolution has not happened," Bakkar said.

Al-Ahram quoted Bakkar as saying, "The polishing Omar Suleiman in media has been in full swing over the past few days, and I refuse to be part of it, as an oppositionist."

Freedom and Justice Party MP Mohamed al-Beltagy praised Sultan and Bakkar on his Facebook page on Saturday, adding: "I was more pleased that the producer of the program also walked out after Merazy refused to apologize to the guests for not being transparent with them."

"More importantly, this incident should be a clear lesson for all media personnel who are thinking of campaigning for or even 'normalizing relations' with Omar Suleiman. We will not recognize Israel's agents," Beltagy wrote.

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