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Confusion at State Council upon pro-Mubarak family report

A state of confusion prevailed in the State Council Monday due to a report which stated former President Hosni Mubarak, his wife, sons and grandchildren have the right to all the privileges granted by the state to former presidents and their families. 
The report was originally attributed to the general assembly of the Fatwa and Legislation departments of the State Council, which later denied the news, although the general assembly is the top authority which decides on conflicting opinions at the State Council. 
The media center, which is responsible for publishing the rulings and reports issued by courts of the State Council, disseminated a statement denying the report before circulating another one confirming it was issued by the Presidential Fatwa Department of the State Council. The statement said the presidency of the republic requested information on whether Mubarak and his family were entitled to privileges.
The media center has been subject to criticism from several young judges who seek to control it, which is detrimental to the council in the first place, said a judicial sources.
The sources said upon anonymity that the concept behind having a media center for the State Council was to prevent false news or reports, but the opposite has happened.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm