Constituent Assembly reaches agreement on Shura Council: Wafd leader

Wafd Party leader al-Sayyed al-Badawy, member of the 50-person committee tasked with amending the constitution, has said the body has reached a majority agreement to keep the Shura Council.
The committee agreed to keep the Shura Council and its previous powers, Badawy claimed. However representatives proposed to rename it as the Senate, instead of the "infamous" Shura Council.

Badawy told reporters on Thursday that the balance inside the legislative authority would require another parliamentary house to prevent a single party from dominating. 

“It has been stated that the Cabinet will send draft laws to the two councils at the same time for discussions. In case of disagreement, a committee will be formed of the two councils until agreement is reached," Badawy revealed.

Badawy also said that nominated senators should not be less than 40 years old and be holders of university-level qualifications. “What’s been said that the Senate will be composed of appointed members is untrue. Appointed members will not exceed 10 percent. They will highly represent women and Copts as well as other groups that the chamber needs."

"Appointments will take place through the president through standards that will be set," the Wafd leader added.

Badawy criticized opponents of the Shura Council who claim it wasted billions of pounds. He added that its budget will not exceed LE150 million annually, LE100 million of which will go to its employees.

Badawy also denied what Mohamed Abdel Aziz, assistant rapporteur of the ruling system committee, had said that powers of the Senate has not been sent yet to the wording committee. He added that the general committee will decided about the council through voting.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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