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Court turns down debauchery lawsuit against actress Entessar

The Nasr City Misdemeanors Court has turned down a lawsuit accusing TV and cinema superstar Entessar of promoting debauchery following statements on her TV show that seemed to encourage the youth to watch porn.
The court cited the absence of direct criminal or personal damage to the plaintiff, lawyer Hani Gad.
During an interview on a TV program on the al-Qahera wal Nas channel last year, Entessar discussed sexual relations.
"Many men are not instructed on sexual intercourse before marriage. Porno movies are beneficial to them to know how to deal with a woman they do not know. It instructs them on how to be husbands, satisfy their wives and how to conceive children," the actress said.
"I am not afraid because I have not said or done anything wrong. I talked about the real situation of many people who resort to porno movies and books before marriage. It is not my problem that we are a society that enjoys to bury its head in the dirt," Entessar had told the Al-Ahram portal in response to public outcry and lawsuits stirred over her show.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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