Diwan Bookstore recommends the best 10 books to read

Diwan Bookstore, Egypt’s leading book seller, has recommended ten of the best-selling, best-reviewed books from around the world for readers to enjoy.


12 Rules for Life, by Jordan Peterson

How can one live decently in a world full of chaos and uncertainty?

Jordan Peterson has helped millions around the world lead productive lives full of value…. And now it’s your turn!

Peterson lays out 12 rules revolving around self-responsibility, with solutions to common problems you’ll face in life!

Of course, Peterson’s book allows for more depth and research and his works have become the focus of everyone’s attention especially among youth.

Thanks to a distinguished and honest translation from Mohamed Ibrahim al-Gendy, you can now read Jordan Peterson’s most important book in Arabic.


Food for the Copt, by Charles Akl

In his debut Charles Akl takes us on a journey that goes beyond just an old Coptic kitchen as he studies the Coptic mind and how it deals with the world in light of state policies and economic considerations.

This book allows readers to understand the thought and feelings of Coptic youth, through Charles Akl’s skillful style blending intelligence and lightness.


Sophie’s World, by Jostein Gaarder

Read by more than a million readers and translated into more than 50 different languages, Sophie’s World is an exceptional novel unlike any other that serves as an entry point for those interested in reading philosophy while also serving as a pleasant read.

Gaarder, in a smooth and simple style, attempts to address major philosophical questions concerning life and existence: How and where did we come from? Where did the world come from?

In a novel within a novel, Gaarder takes us on an exciting journey to learn the history of different philosophies and their most important schools, pioneers, ideas, and stages of development.


The Joy of Less, by Francine Jay

The Joy of Less is the perfect gift for anyone you love who wants to simplify their life.

It is a book that deserves to be in every home.

Set aside those strict, extreme approaches found in other books – Francine Jay gives us simple steps for an easy and fun way to get rid of all the chaos surrounding us in our lives and to organize things wherever we are.

Open this book, and you’ll be on your way to a quieter and simpler life.


A Long Petal of the Sea, by Isabel Allende

At the end of the 1930s, while the civil war was at its height in Spain after General Franco and the Fascist Party overthrew the government, thousands found themselves forced to make the arduous and terrifying journey on the mountain roads to the French borders.

Even despite the cold winter, French government forces refuse to open up their borders to help the refugees.

And thus steps in Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet and ambassador in Paris who decides to help the refugees himself and prevent a humanitarian disaster.

He arranges the SS Winnipeg ship and interviews the refugees himself, hoping to give them a new life in the land of Chile.

Thanks to a wonderful translation from the late Saleh Almani, we’re brought a great human work about hope, exile and belonging.


Tales of Illness and Healing, by Nabil Elkot

Professor of Psychiatry Nabil Elkot presents the experiences he has accumulated during thirty years of working in the field of psychological aid and specialized psychotherapy.

With one out of every four people suffering from a psychological disorder, many are in need of scientifically understanding what mental illness truly is in order to help themselves or a friend.

This book has something for everyone: for those who suffer from mental disorders and for those who do not.

It helps them understand and dissect the nature of some of the most common psychological disorders in a simple and organized manner, and explains what the best ways to deal and coexist with them are alongside how to prevent them


The Whole-Brain Child, by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

With graceful language and a fluid writing style, this book presents 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind.

It is based on scientific foundations regarding the nature of the brain and nervous system, and aims to help promote healthy brain development leading to calmer and happier children.

This book aims to teach parenting through the use of the left and right brain, teaching them to work together and help our children thrive.


My Book, by Amr Moussa

Amr Moussa’s memoir reveals the ins and outs of the closed sessions and rooms that he witnessed firsthand during his presidency of the Arab League and his experiences as an influential actor among decision-makers in the Arab world and the Middle East region.


Think Like a Monk, by Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty, a writer and former monk, talks about how his time as a monk can help others unleash their potential.

He turns abstract lessons into tips and exercises that we can all apply to reduce the amount of stress we have and strengthen our relationships.

It is a book that will help you clear your mind of all negative thoughts and wash away bad habits from your life.


Good Reasons for Bad Feelings, by Randolph M. Nesse

This is a book that aims to answer one question: “Why do I feel bad?”

Nesse, one of the founders of the field of evolutionary medicine, uses his decades of experience as a psychiatrist to provide a new framework for understanding mental illness.

In this book, the author explains why natural selection has traits that make us vulnerable to disease, and proposes a new theory of how emotions have evolved to help us deal with the various opportunities and threats around us.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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