Early presidential elections is solution to regime failure: Aboul Fotouh

Early presidential elections is the solution to the failure of any regime, said former presidential candidate and Strong Egypt Party Chairperson Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh in a Thursday interview with the Cairo Time program on BBC Arabic.
Elections are the correct political and peaceful means toward change to avoid military coups, Aboul Fotouh added.
Aboul Fotouh said Egyptian media intentionally excludes him and all other opposition figures in favor of the current regime, adding that the Strong Egypt Party peacefully opposes the current regime out of care for Egypt's interests.
The Strong Egypt Party maintains commitment, objectivity and rationality, which prompted many to ridicule the party by calling it "Weak Egypt," Aboul Fotouh added.
Aboul Fotouh criticized parliamentary elections by saying that the real opposition was excluded from the electoral process. He also criticized the parliamentary elections law as unfair, adding that it does not give room for competition.

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