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Egyptian Meteorological Authority warns of unstable weather until Friday

Egyptian meteorologists expect unstable weather starting from Monday until Friday, a statement from the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) said on Sunday.

Low- and medium-level cloud cover accompanied by rainfall is predicted over the northern coasts, the governorates of Lower Egypt, Cairo, the canal cities and North and central Sinai, possibly extending to northern Upper Egypt and the cities of Halayeb and Shalateen.

The statement added that these rains are anticipated to be heavy and thunderous north of the country, possibly reaching flood levels at North Sinai.

By Tuesday a significant drop in temperatures is expected, ranging from three to four degrees below the normal rate for this time of the year.

The weather is expected to be moderate on the northern parts, hot on the southern parts during daylight and cold by night.

The EMA advised citizens to drive carefully on highways, especially taking care to control the steering wheel to prevent vehicles from slipping due to rainfall, and also warned of the low horizontal visibility in the early morning due to mist.

It also advised to wear warmer clothes on Tuesday, which will mark a drop in temperatures, especially north of the country.

The EMA called on all officials, especially in the cities along the Mediterranean coast, North Delta, Canal cities and North Sinai, to take appropriate measures due to the heavy rainfall expected for these areas.

The statement pointed to these maximum temperatures expected during this period:

Northeastern coasts and North Sinai from 27C and 24C.

Northwestern coasts from 26C and 24C.

Governorates of Lower Egypt and Cairo from 31C and 27C.

Governorates of northern Upper Egypt from 33C and 29C.

Governorates of southern Upper Egypt from 37C and 35C.

Governorates of south Sinai from 34C and 30C.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm