Eleven more suspects in Kerdasa violence remanded into custody

North Giza prosecution decided on Thursday to reman 11 more suspects in the Kerdasa police station massacre into custody for 15 days pending investigations.
Total number of suspects involved in the issue has reached 155, 78 of whom are accused of direct involvement in the Kerdasa massacre, 29 others have criminal records, whereas the rest are supporters of Muslim Brotherhood and extremist groups who are accused of resisting security troops last week.
Prosecution requested the outcome of investigations, conducted by National Security Agency, over the suspects’ role in the incidents. The decision also included seizure of weapons that were in their possession and being checked, as well as money which was possessed by one of the suspects who was arrested last Tuesday when security troops raided the Kerdasa neighborhood.
Judicial sources said the laptop of the escaped suspect Nasr al-Ghozlany was seized and sent to technical authorities. Prosecution will hear testimonies of the deceased policeman Nabil Farrag’s colleagues after receiving the forensic medicine preliminary report on his death, which proved he was shot near the chest.
Interrogators faced the suspects with outcome of the National Security Agency investigations which pointed to former MP Abdel Salam Bashandy and the Jihadist Nasr al-Ghozlany planning the police station massacre, during which 11 policemen were killed, two days ahead of the accident.
Prosecution accused the suspects of attempted murder, joining a terrorist group, possessing weapons, hiding suspects, thuggery, intimidating citizens, harming public peace, creating strife and damaging public and private properties. The suspects, however, denied the charges.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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