Families of revolution’s victims demand faster trial for Al-Adly

Scores of families of demonstrators killed or detained during Egypt's 25 January Revolution staged a protest on Monday before the Attorney General's office in Cairo, demanding a speedier prosecution of former interior minister Habib al-Adly.

Al-Adly is charged with permitting the use of live ammunition against the pro-democracy protesters who ousted president Hosni Mubarak after 30 years in office.

The families demanded that al-Adly and the officers who shot their children be punished. They also asked for the compensation pledged by former interim prime minister Ahmed Shafiq, which they say they have not received.

Police and army officers kept the families from entering the Attorney General's office.

"I want to see al-Adly and the officers involved being executed in Tahrir Square," said the mother of Khaled Attoya Zaid, a protester shot during the demonstrations.

Zeinab Mohamed, the mother of 10-year-old Belal Sayyid Refaat, said, "My son took two bullets from officers at al-Marg police station on his way home from a private lesson. He is in fourth grade — what sin did he commit to be unable to walk?"

"My son was the breadwinner for me and his sisters. But I have not received any compensation," said the mother of Abdallah Eid, another demonstrator killed during the revolution.

Tamer Suleiman, the brother of deceased Mohamed Suleiman, said, "My brother was killed by officers from al-Marg police department. I filed a police report on the incident, but police have not taken any action."


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