Egypt Independent

Fighting disrupts train traffic in Upper Egypt

A gathering that protested fighting that broke out Monday in Upper Egypt hindered train movement there for more than an hour, a security source said.

The source said the fight in Egypt's Sohag governorate happened after a shop owner, Khalifa al-Sayyed, 60, refused to accept notification from a court employee that ordered him to go to court.

When al-Sayyed refused the notification, the court employee, Ahmed Bekhit, left and then allegedly returned with four gunmen who attacked al-Sayyed, the source said. The shop owner was wounded several times and transferred to the hospital.

Around 700 of the victim's relatives gathered at the Tahta railways, demanding the suspects' arrest and referring the investigations to the military.

They stopped two trains coming from Cairo for more than an hour and two other trains for about half an hour, the source said.

Security and military officers convinced people leave, the source said. A police report was filed and prosecution began investigations.