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First penumbral lunar eclipse in 2023, will we see it in Egypt?

Friday sees the first lunar eclipse on 2023, a semi-shadow eclipse that affect separate parts of the world.

The National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) revealed the details of the 2023 lunar eclipse, the date of its beginning and end, and the possibilities of seeing it in Egypt.


Lunar eclipse 2023

The head of the NRIAG Gad al-Qady said that according to astronomical calculations carried out by the Institute’s Sun Research Laboratory, a semi-shadow eclipse will occur on Friday, which coincides with the timing of the full moon of the Islamic Shawwal month for the year 1444AH.

He explained that the earth’s semi-shadow area will cover approximately 96.4 percent of the moon’s surface, and it can be seen in the areas where the moon appears when it occurs, including: south and east of continental Europe – continent of Australia – most of Asia – continent of Africa – Pacific Ocean – Atlantic Ocean – Indian Ocean -Antarctica.

Qady stressed that all phases of the eclipse, from its inception to its end, will take approximately four hours and 18 minutes, and will be difficult to see in Egypt.

Eclipse visible in Cairo

The lunar eclipse coincides with the full moon, and usually the lunar eclipse never occurs unless the moon is on one straight line with the earth and the sun.

Professor of Astronomy at NRIAG Ashraf Tadros said that penumbral lunar eclipses occur when the moon passes through the earth’s semi-shadow.

He explained that in this case, the moon’s luster is slightly less than usual (almost unnoticeable), and its color darkens slightly as well, until it emerges from the semi-shadow of the Earth.

Tadros continued that this eclipse will be visible in eastern Africa, parts of eastern Europe, all parts of Asia and Australia.

As for the date of its peak, it will be visible in Cairo at approximately 10:22 pm, he added.

The moon will appear as if it were full from May 3-6, and this is because the naked eye cannot perceive the slight decrease in the roundness of the moon disk during this period, Tadros said.

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