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In a first, international Egyptian soprano Amira Selim participates in opening of Nefertiti Palace in Egyptian virtual city ‘Metatut’

In unprecedented move, the international Egyptian soprano, Amira Selim, performed in the ancient Egyptian language for the first time inside the Nefertiti Palace in the Egyptian virtual city of Metatut.

Selim presented a romantic poem from the papyri of the ancient Egyptians, called “Marut Ak” or “Your Love”.

The concert, titled “Love is a Universal Language,” was given by the international soprano, Selim, with a hymn dubbed “I love you”, in the ancient Egyptian language, carrying Queen Nefertiti’s message of love, friendship and mercy to the world

Queen Nefertiti and her husband King Akhenaten’s love story was known as one of the greatest love stories in ancient history.

Selim also sang on the stage of the Nefertiti Palace Square in the virtual city, at a fashion show by Tutera, entitled “The Princess of Love”.

“I am happy to participate in this event through my song “Marut Ak”, the first love song in the ancient Egyptian language, at the opening of Queen Nefertiti Palace in the first Egyptian city in the Metaverse,” Selim said.

“It has been one of my dreams that Egypt, with its ancient history and civilization, would be able to keep pace with the time and technological development in the world to always be a pioneer in everything that is different and exceptional,” she added.

“The beauty of the city of Metatut is that it gives an opportunity for everyone to dive into the depths of Egyptian civilization, but in the spirit of the new age, through an advanced artistic vision of our ancient Egyptian language,” she added.

Selim continued: “I am very proud of my participation with this song in this exceptional event under the title of universal love, carrying the message of Queen Nefertiti, the most famous, and the most powerful and mysterious queen of ancient Egypt.

This will be achieved through music, in addition to reviving our ancient Egyptian language, which carries the feelings of love of our ancestors in the Metatut so that it reaches everyone, anywhere, anytime, and for all generations.”

Nefertiti Palace can be accessed inside Metatut through the Sun Hall or from inside Akhenaten’s Palace.

The palace is a hall for various arts in which Akhenaten greets visitors to the new city of Amarna. Its multiple halls represent wonderful exhibitions of everything related to women, beauty and fashion associated with the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The next hall is the Hall of Glory which can he accessed through the path of mystery, which is a large hall in which all the deities unite to draw a ray of light on Nefertiti’s mask engraved inside a mural in the hall.

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