Military spokesperson: Sisi’s call to continue 30 June revolution

Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's call for a rally in Tahrir Square Friday represents a "continuation…of the glorious revolution of 30 June, which derived its legitimacy from the great Egyptian people," military spokesperson Ahmed Ali said on his official Facebook page.

"The call for a [rally] on Friday morning comes to recall the historical revolutionary scene of the people of Egypt, who have always dazzled the world with their genius and their legitimate aspirations for change, reform and democracy through peaceful means…after some exerted great efforts to prove the opposite to the world," the statement read.

Ali denied claims by Muslim Brotherhood leaders that Sisi's Wednesday speech represented a "threat."

"The commander-in-chief of the armed forces…did not bear a threat to particular political parties, but came as a national initiative to combat violence and terrorism," he claimed.

Ali said terrorism threatened "the gains of the revolution and security."

"The commander-in-chief of the armed forces' call came to complete the efforts of the institution of the presidency for national reconciliation and transitional justice to implement the future map, which is one of the achievements of the glorious revolution of 30 June."

Ali claimed reconciliation represented "the only way for Egypt to pass this sensitive stage."

The military spokesperson meanwhile warned against "deviation away from peaceful protests" on Friday, with both pro and anti-Morsy protesters planning mass rallie across Egypt.

Violence or terrorism would be "confronted with decisiveness and strength," Ali stressed.

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