Million-man protest in Tahrir Square to ‘save the revolution’

The Revolution Youth Union and the Wafd, Tagammu, and Nasserist parties participated in a million-person protest to be held in Tahrir Square on Friday, in response to call by a number of Facebook activists to hold “a million-man protest to save the revolution from conspirators.” The protest calls for giving fair trials to old regime figures, and also includes a march against the practices of the military and ministry of interior, which include detention, torture, and murder. Protesters demanded prompt investigations into crimes and the punishment of those found responsible. The march is being held from Tahrir Square to Qasr al-Nil bridge, the site of the largest demonstration on 28 January, where a large number of protesters lost their lives.

Ali al-Silmi, prime minister of the Wafd shadow government, said that he supports the people’s right to closely monitor the revolution’s path and to prevent it from veering in an errant direction. Al-Silim welcomed Friday’s protest, and called on people to remain wary of infiltration attempts. Al-Silmi added that all of Egypt must have the spirit of Tahrir Square, but that protesters must allow the resumption of economic activities and the restoration Egypt’s security without losing sight of the revolution’s goals.

Nabil Zaki, official spokesperson of the Tagammu party, said that the party choose to take part in the protest to call for bringing all the figures of the old regime to justice and punish them for crimes committed against the Egyptian people. Such crimes include killing protesters, torturing citizens, and stealing public funds. The trials should take place before regular judges, according to Zaki. Finally, Zaki argued that the protest must call for the need to start working on creating a democratic constitution, building the economy, and restoring security.

Mohamed Abul Ela, a Nasserist party leader, asserted that his party would participate in the Tahrir protest to protect the revolution.

Amr Hamid, the media spokesperson for the Revolution Youth Union, said that the union has chosen to participate in Friday’s protest, as well as the one scheduled for next Friday, in order to affirm the idea that the Egyptian people have the awareness and resilience to continue to defend their rights.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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