Morsy agrees to hand over Libyan suspects in Egypt

President Mohamed Morsy has agreed to immediately start the proceedings of handing over wanted Libyan suspects living in Egypt, in accordance with the Constitution, as well as Egyptian and Libyan law, the president said Wednesday.

During a joint news conference with Libyan National Congress President Mohammed Magarief after their meeting, Morsy said both leaders agreed to form a joint committee under their direct supervision to coordinate between the two countries and their policies in all areas.

He said the committee would be formed by Egyptian and Libyan government officials, and would aim for integration between the two countries in investment, industry, trade and security, as well as the facilitation of traffic of traffic at the Salloum land crossing on the Egypt-Libya border.

In spite of close relations between Egypt and Libya, the level of economic and trade cooperation between the countries has not yet reached the expected level, and the leaders agreed to bolster this cooperation, they said.

They emphasized full support for Palestinians, as well as Syrians revolting against the Bashar al-Assad regime. Morsy said they also discussed the rejection of French military intervention in Mali, and are against any new armed conflicts in the region that threaten people’s interests.

Both leaders also stressed their full support for Algeria in facing crimes such as the recent hostage crisis, in which a militant group held gas factory workers hostage. Sixty-nine people, including 39 foreigners, are believed to have died.

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