Muslim Brotherhood moves media office to London

The Muslim Brotherhood has decided to move its media center to London, after a Cairo court decision to ban the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood or any subsidiary institution related to it, and receiving financial support from the MB.
The Brotherhood already had an office in London, through which it was running the affairs of the organization as a whole.
The London headquarters is a research center headed by Ibrahim Mounir, former member of the Guidance Bureau and former Secretary General of the international organization of the MB.
The MB have also used the London headquarters to communicate with the West, publishing a weekly journal entitled “The Brotherhood message,” a journal to explain the MB stances on the current events and its vision on reform.
The MB leaders have also made appearances on satellite channels broadcast from their media office, which was fully transferred to London, after security prosecutions suffered by the leaders of the group the recent period.
The office published on Tuesday a statement by the group entitled “On the Road, revolutionaries and committed to the promise,” in which the Brotherhood said that the court decision to dissolve the group would not stop them from continuing on their path. The verdict would not persuade them to abandon their ideas but will give them faith to further adhere to the principles they preach.
The court’s ruling to dissolve the organization was not surprising, according to the statement, but rather expected, especially after they claim more than 15,000 leading members were arrested, including Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, in addition to the burning of the MB headquarters across Egypt.
The group described the verdict to dissolve the MB as “exclusionary” and “revengeful,” since it is issued without a competent court, which decided on a punishment exceeding the original demands of the case, even though the MB is a legally-based association.

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