National Bank of Egypt warns customers against possible scams

The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) on Monday dispatched an SMS warning to its customers to inform them of possible scams.

“In continuation of awareness, there are different methods of scams, so do not share your personal or banking data, or secret numbers with anyone through any means of communication, and do not open an untrusted URL,” the message reads.

Banque Misr sent a similar SMS to its customers on Saturday.

It read: “Proceeding from Banque Misr’s keenness on the interests of its customer base, the bank notes that it follows all precautionary rules and procedures, which would prevent any of its customers from being exposed to any fraud.”

“Over the past period, the bank has been sending SMSs to customers warning them of fraudulent messages and calls, which they may receive from people claiming to be affiliated with Banque Misr or any of the government agencies, with a request to provide them with information about their people or bank accounts.”

These messages stressed the need to inform the bank immediately in the event of this happening.

The bank also posted videos of explanatory films on its social media platforms warning customers of these risks.

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