Pro-Morsy alliance calls for protests 100 days after Abu Zaabal deaths

The pro-Morsy National Alliance to Support Legitimacy called for protests on Friday to mark 100 days since the killings of 36 people affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood inside an Abu Zaabal prison truck.. The protests are held under the slogan "retribution is coming."
"Let's remind the coup of its crimes, and renew our covenant on the just and urgent retribution for all martyrs," said a statement released by the alliance on Tuesday morning.
The alliance called Morsy supporters to another protest on Wednesday to support the judges, "who are subjected to a disciplinary hearing and interrogation in the High Court."
Tuesday marks another pro-Morsy protest to commemorate 100 days after "the second Fath Mosque massacre," according to the alliance's statement.
Four police officers are facing charges of manslaughter, negligence and failure to perform the work when they fired tear gas inside an inmate transport van in the Abu Zaabal prison in Qalubia, north Cairo in mid-August.
The ministry claims that after their arrival at the prison in the van, Morsy supporters held a police officer hostage, prompting security forces to use tear gas inside the van to prevent their escape and resulting in the deaths of 36 arrested supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsy. The ministry said that the deaths were caused by suffocation and a stampede.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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